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PhysioAge Profile

The PhysioAge Profile diagnostic program aims to measure your biological age, which as that of your organism, and understand its strengths and weaknesses in order to implement an organic rejuvenation and active prevention strategy.

What is it and how it works

it is a complete checkup based on laboratory tests, instrumental analysis and 5 specialist visits with:

  1. a coordinating doctor (Anti-age Focal Point)
  2. a nutritionist doctor
  3. a cardiologist
  4. a physiatrist
  5. a neuropsychologist

the Laboratory tests – haematochemical, genetic and epigenetic – analyse a total of 54 extremely important parameters to assess metabolic function, inflammation level and biological age. For particular profiles, further genetic analyses will be carried out.

The instrumental examinations – cardio-respiratory, metabolic, postural, anthropometric and cognitive – analyse a further 50 parameters to provide a complete picture of the organic systems most exposed to ageing.

Which organic apparatus we measure


Assessment of the cardiovascular system with stress test and venous-arterial ecodoppler


Assessment of respiratory system with saturation and oxygenation level and ventilation measurement


Metabolism, Energy level, Joints flexibility, Muscle level, Posture and anthropometry

How does it work the musculoskeletal system assessment?


  1. Energy Level: aerobic capacity, stress resistance, basal metabolism
  2. Flexibility and joints condition
  3. Muscle Level: tonicity of muscle segments and strength level
  4. Posture: stabilometric profile to highlight imbalances and defects
  5. Anthropometry: measurement of fat mass and muscle mass by body district, bone density and visceral fat density.

The results of all these evaluations and examinations will be made available to you in a clear and intuitive way, thanks to a simple report, available online or through the specific App on your phone, supported by explanations and recommendations of the Anti-age FocalPoint, a Coordinating Physician, who will follow you through all the diagnostic program steps.

Accordingly to this report, the strengths and weaknesses of your biological profile will be highlighted and personalized empowering and recovery activities will be proposed.

If you decide to follow a SoLogenvity intervention program, you will be able to monitor your progress and improvements along the way and evaluate them at its end.

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PhysioAge Profile

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Age360° Program is the proposal developed by SoLongevity to fight aging processes, recover and strengthen physical and cognitive abilities, improving the state of health of body and mind and preventing the conditions that lead to the onset of chronic diseases.

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