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Based on the results of diagnostic protocols, it is a nutritional program addressing metabolic rebalancing and stimulating longevity genes.

What is it and how it works

The main objectives of the Metabolic Rebalance therapy program are to restore the metabolism to balance and reduce latent organic inflammation by acting on biological processes that have “degenerated” over the years.

Based upon BioAge Profile outcomes and starting from the analysis conducted by a nutritionist doctor, a customised nutritional plan will be defined, supported by food supplementation, to help your body regain its balance quickly. The food strategy aims, in fact, to activate the longevity genes, fundamental players in metabolic rebalancing.

Unlike traditional approaches, the Metabolic Rebalance program does not aim at weight loss but at general health improvement and metabolic rejuvenation. Achieving these goals, in any case, involves in most cases a mise en forme. The program is combined with the other two protocols of SoLongevity, CellFit (mandatory) and BrainBoost (optional).

Metabolic Rebalance takes place over a period of 5 months and provides:

1st Visit

At the clinic, A first visit by a dietician-nutritionist doctor, for

  1. share metabolic intervention priorities
  2. investigate eating habits and behaviors to increase adherence to the nutritional program
  3. identify the biomarkers that will be followed during the semester to verify the progress and effectiveness of the plan
  4. develop a customised food supplement integration plan

2nd Visit

At the clinic, a second visit by a dietician-nutritionist doctor to calibrate the nutritional program one month after its kick-off.

Tele Assistance + final Checkup

in the following 4 months, 3 video visits per month to redefine the nutritional plan according to the progress made.

At the clinic, a final visit by the dietician-nutritionist to assess the new metabolic and inflammatory condition reached at the end of the program and to repeat the metabolic check-up.

You can access plans and advice at any time from your smartphone, and have a constant dialogue with the specialist via the remote assistance system. The nutritional program will adapt to your lifestyle and can be followed anywhere via smartphone, tablet or computer.

MetabolicRebalance is enhanced with the CellFit protocol and can be combined with the BrainBoost protocol for a complete counteracting action against ageing processes.

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Age360° Program is the proposal developed by SoLongevity to fight aging processes, recover and strengthen physical and cognitive abilities, improving the state of health of body and mind and preventing the conditions that lead to the onset of chronic diseases.

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