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Based on the results of diagnostic protocols, it is a special workouts program in synergy with the MetabolicRebalance and BrainBoost therapeutic protocols, to accelerate their effects and benefits.

What is it and how it works

The main objectives of the CellFit therapy program are to rebalance the metabolism and boost specific cognitive abilities.

In accordance with the BioAge and NeuroAge Profiles outcomes and after having assessed some physical parameters and your physical exercises habits, a physical activity and workouts plan will be setup accordingly with your daily level of engagement and availability.

The CellFit program differs from classic physical training programs: its priority is to recover the functionality of the musculoskeletal system, stimulate the metabolism and activity of longevity genes, and promote the recovery of perceptive-motor function in the neurocognitive field.

The program must be combined with the other two Age360 protocols: MetabolicRebalance and BrainBoost.

CellFit takes place over a period of 5 months and provides:

1st Visit

At the Clinic, a first visit by a physiatrist, assisted by a physical-motor activity specialist to identify the primary and secondary objectives of the five-monthly physical activity and workout plan:

  1. Receive a demonstration of the exercises to be performed at home and/or in the gym, with access to demo videos gallery
  2. Plan any ancillary adjuvant activities, such as cryo-saunas and muscle electrostimulation tube.
  3. Activate remote monitoring, through a smart health bracelet

Ongoing Tele Assistance

4 video visits (monthly) with the personal trainer to monitor progress and make any changes to the training program.

The use of health wristbands is foreseen to monitor physical activity at a distance and the organic parameters connected to it.

Final Checkup

at the clinic, a final visit with the personal trainer, who will perform an end-of-program check-up to verify the results achieved against the initial scores.

You can access training plans and advice at any time from your smartphone, and have a constant dialogue with the personal trainer via the remote assistance system.

You can also integrate the CellFit basic program with additional services (optional): Personal Trainer workout sessions, in the clinic or at home; Cryo-saunas, used for their anti-inflammatory effect; Neuro-stimulation tube, used for muscle recovery.

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Age360° Program is the proposal developed by SoLongevity to fight aging processes, recover and strengthen physical and cognitive abilities, improving the state of health of body and mind and preventing the conditions that lead to the onset of chronic diseases.

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