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CellFit is a therapeutic training program in sync with metabolic and cognitive protocols.

What is it and how it works

The CellFit program differs from classic physical training programs. Its priority is in fact the recovery of musculoskeletal functionalities, the stimulation and acceleration of metabolism and the activity of longevity genes, as well as promoting the recovery of motor-perceptive domain in the neurocognitive sphere.

The program must be combined with the other two Age360 protocols: MetabolicRebalance and BrainBoost.

It consists of 6 specific routines, developed thanks to the knowledge of our Scientific Committee and the contributions of Harvard Medical School. Each routine is expressed on several levels of intensity and content to adapt to the specific situation of each subject

  • Routine “Metabolism Acceleration”
  • Routine “Cardio Protection”
  • Routine “Osteoporosis Prevention”
  • Routine “Joints Protection”
  • Routine “Proprioception Improvement”
  • Routine “Musculoskeletal Recovery”

these routines can be combined with each other according to the main objectives identified

Routine “Metabolism Acceleration”

Designed on 3 levels to boost basal metabolism, facilitating the maintenance of body weight over time with optimized energy consumption.

Base Level:

ideal for people who have never practiced regular physical activity or have abandoned it for several years

Intermediate Level 

ideal for people who  irregularly or occasionaly practice a fitness activity

Advanced Level

ideal for people who practice a regular but unstructured fitness activity

Routine “Cardio Protection”

Designed to improve all the typical parameters of cardiovascular health: cardiac output, improved peripheral circulation, increased aerobic threshold, reduced resting heart rate, increased plasma oxygenation.

3 levels of intensity depending on the starting athletic level.


Routine “Osteoporisis Protection”

The bone structure is in dynamic relationship with the attached muscle. The routine goal is to develop specific muscles to stimulate and strengthen their supporting bone structure. its focus is to strengthen the bones most prone to the risk of osteoporosis (vertebrae, pelvis, femoral head).

3 levels of intensity depending on personal fitness and musculoskeletal status

Routine “Joints Protection”

Designed to prevent the risk of accidents and injuries or to slow down the progression of osteoarticular pathologies, such as arthritis, joint pain and osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Routine “Proprioception Improvement”

The mail is to re-educate proprioceptive reflexes, in order to obtain an optimal control of the posture and involved articulations, stimulating their coordination and dynamic control.

3 levels of intensity depending on personal fitness and musculoskeletal status and the achieved performance score within perceptive-motor domain via neurocognitive test

Routine “Musculoskeletal Recovery”

Designed to prioritarly target muscle tone of the motor system, its reactivity and endurance.

It is articulated on 2 levels depending on the age and personal physical condition of the subject

The CellFit Program covers a 6 months plan

1st Visit

At the Clinic, a first visit by a physiatrist, assisted by a physical-motor activity specialist to identify the primary and secondary objectives of the five-monthly physical activity and workout plan:

  1. Receive a demonstration of the exercises to be performed at home and/or in the gym, with access to demo videos gallery
  2. Plan any ancillary adjuvant activities, such as cryo-saunas and muscle electrostimulation tube.
  3. Activate remote monitoring, through a smart health bracelet

Ongoing Tele Assistance and Personal Training

2 options are available:

In the case of an independent subject for training program execution, 4 video sessions (monthly) are included with a personal trainer, to monitor progress and accordingly adjust the training program.

access to the personale workout plan through the dedicated app with monitoring of the activity carried out

In the case of a subject who requires assistance in executing the weekly program, there are several optional Personal Training packages for assistanceship at home, at the clinic, at affiliated spaces or in video-lesson.


Final Checkup

A final physical-athletic assessment at the clinic with the Personal Trainer, who will perform an end-of-program check-up to verify the results achieved against the initial status.

A cardio-respiratory system checkup with a cardiologist visit to evaluate its improvement  versus the  initial checkup.

You can access training plans and advice at any time from your smartphone, and have a constant dialogue with the personal trainer via the remote assistance system.

You can also integrate the standard CellFit program with additional (optional) services:

  • Personal Trainer, in the clinic, at home or in video
  • Criosaune Packages for anti-inflammatory and decongestant action
  • Neurostimulation Tubs Packages for safe muscle reactivation.

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