a 90 years lifespan is ahead of you, Solongevity helps you
to fully live it

Age360° Program is the pathway created to counteract the processes of physical and cognitive aging

a 90 years lifespan is ahead of you, Solongevity helps you
to fully live it

The Solongevity project is endorsed by a committee of cutting-edge researchers and in collaboration with the medical-scientific community

An over 90 years lifetime
a 90 years lifespan is ahead of you, Solongevity helps you
to fully live it


Solongevity’s mission is to promote Longevity by leveraging the most advanced medical-scientific research and discoveries in this field.

Solongevity promotes clinical protocols and clinically tested products that allow each person to achieve their maximum potential for health and well-being, preventing risk conditions related to aging diseases.

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Solongevity Vision

Aging is the original sin of all chronical diseases, today it is possible operate an effective medical strategy to maintain or regain an organic youth.

In our vision, tomorrow’s 60-year-olds will have the chance to be today’s 40-year-olds, at the height of their personal and professional lives.

From a biological point of view, aging can be considered a pathology. In fact, medical research has identified the metabolic and immune mechanisms that are damaged over time. The accumulation of these micro-damages triggers physical and cognitive degeneration linked to the advancement of age.

Today we know that it is possible to intervene on these same mechanisms to slow them down and, in some cases, reverse them.

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Age360 Program


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Age360° Program is the proposal developed by SoLongevity to fight aging processes, recover and strengthen physical and cognitive abilities, improving the state of health of body and mind and preventing the conditions that lead to the onset of chronic diseases.

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Test to assess your own Cognitive Reserve

The age, which depends on the date of birth, does not necessarily coincide with the real ageing of our organism, i.e. the biological age. Which can be measured with the Biological Age Score, slow it down and sometimes take it back, without resorting to drugs.

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Which diet to gain health? A short guide for self-orientation

It is known as inflammaging: a state of low grade but chronic inflammation, which damages the body. Studies have shown that it plays an important role in the onset of diseases associated with ageing and in the fragility of older people.

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Scientific Article about Covid-19 by Solongevity Research published in Frontiers

Solongevity Research, published by the international scientific journal 𝙁𝙧𝙤𝙣𝙩𝙞𝙚𝙧𝙨 in Immunology, addresses the issue of interactions between SARS-CoV-2 and other seasonal coronaviruses, immunological interactions that may explain the severe clinical course of some patients and the seasonal pattern.

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Measuring cognitive age while sleeping

Using artificial intelligence and Eeg performed in sleep, a team of researchers has developed a new test to estimate the biological age of the brain and predict the risk of dementia.

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The SoLongevity Science

metabolismo, Nutrizione

Orchestrating nutrition for longevity

Pro-longevity nutrion demands a smart management of Glucose and Proteins metabolic level. Let’s understand which nutritional strategies are more effective and useful for an healthy ageing.

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metabolismo, Nutrizione

Understanding metabolism for healthy nutrition

understanding our metabolism to consciously nourish ourselves in order to build a long and healthy life.

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Alberto Beretta
SoLongevity Chairman & Chief Scientific Officer


SoLongevity was born from the encounter of highly qualified researchers and clinicians

This is why SoLongevity’s Scientific Committee is a cross-disciplinary team, committed to identifying the most effective clinical practices and the most promising medical-scientific research to counteract the processes of senescence. The Scientific Committee is also the garantee of all the products and services proposed within the Solongevity project, developed in collaboration with some of the most important Italian medical-scientific entities.

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